Our Offerings

We offer action research, training and consulting services to stakeholders working in the following sectors. Our services are targeted for enhancing stakeholders’ capabilities to better serve their staff, clients, and improve bottom-line.



Digital & Fintech

Renewable Energy

Agriculture & Other Livelihoods

Our Offerings to Microfinance and MSME Finance Service Providers (NBFC, MFI, Bank, Cooperative)

Policy & strategy

Organizational policies and process, strategy and business plan

Products & Channels

Customer-focused financial products and services, channels (branch, digital, agent)

Business Process Reengineering

Marketing and sales, support functions (HR, accounts, internal audit, IT, MIS, financial mgmt.)

Digital Innovation and Transformation

Digitize end-to-end loan management process, staff learning and development, customer experience

Research & Analytics

Market research, ecosystem mapping competition landscaping, business analytics

Risk & internal controls

Risk management framework, internal audit and controls

Client Protection & Financial Education

Client protection principles, SMART certification preparation, digital delivery & management of FE

Social Performance Management

SPM framework implementation support, capacity building of MFI staff on SPM

Our Offerings to Strengthening Foundation and Building Blocks of Organisations

  • Samavit works with its institutional clients in strengthening their foundation and building blocks
  • It strengthens the skills and capability of staff so that they could themselves review and strengthen their organisations with no or minimal support of outside agency
  • Samavit strongly believes in the principle of “not making their clients dependent on it” and making them self-sufficient and empowered

Who Should Come to Us?

  • Corporates and entrepreneurs planning to start microfinance from scratch – want to undertake business planning, competition landscaping, market research, product development, etc.
  • NBFC, NBFC-MFI, Bank looking to (re)engineer existing financial products and processes, revamp their building blocks (HRM, internal audit, risk, sales and marketing, IT, financial management, etc.), improve top and bottom lines through cross-sales, product diversification, cost optimisation, etc.
  • Social investors and funding agencies looking for new partnership with social impact organisations
  • Bilateral, multilateral Institutions and others looking to attain SDG (sustainable development goals) through microfinance, digital finance, agriculture, new and renewable energy

Address the availability, accessibility, and affordability of the poor and low-income households for their needs using research, innovation, social business and partnership strategies.