Institutional Development
Institutional Development
Our institutional development services focus on strengthening the core functions and processes of organizations. We provide strategic planning support, facilitate organisation process re-engineering, and offer due-diligence expertise. Our team also designs and delivers comprehensive training programs to enhance the capabilities of our partners’ teams. With a keen focus on social performance management, we empower organizations to optimize their operations, improve efficiency, and achieve sustainable growth.

Key projects :

Conducted due diligence of NGOs, FPOs and supported them in strengthening their governance, management (strategy, HR, accounts, fund raising, compliance) functions.

Strengthened governance and management functions (HR, internal audit, risk, operations) of MFIs.

Conducted strategic planning workshop with a corporate BC and helped in preparation of 1-2 years of strategic plan.

Designed and delivered training modules for the staff of NGOs related to their governance and management, as well as of MFIs in the areas of promotion and management of financial products and processes.