Market Intelligence
Market Intelligence
Our dedicated team of researchers and analysts offers comprehensive market scoping, research, and analysis services. We provide insights on market trends, competition landscaping, and stakeholder mapping, helping our clients gain a deeper understanding of their industry and target markets. With our market intelligence expertise, organizations can identify growth opportunities, make data-driven strategies, and stay ahead of the curve.

Key projects :

Conducted landscaping of SRLM promoted women-led enterprises (WLE, non-farm) in India which have potential to scale and replicate business models around public procurement orders.

Market and competition landscaping for NBFC, MFI, Bank in the field of education loan, housing loan, microfinance, MSME loan, DRE loan.

Designed a demand generation handbook for solar mini-grid stakeholders in India.

Provided market intelligence for identifying NBFC and MFI that can be interested in financing rural entrepreneurs for buying rooftop solar solutions and consumers for DRE products.

Provided market insights to impact investors globally on investment opportunities in WASH sector by developing a WASH handbook which contains overview of WASH economy, value chain analysis, financing structures, business models of WASH SMEs, etc.